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Rearing Cage

Rearing and Breeding cage

Price: 15€/pc




  • 15€/pc

Butterfly habitat cage perfect for raising butterflies and moths 





Collapsible design for easy storage and reusable, the unfolded measures: 40 x 40 x 60 cm (23.6 inches)


Tall and wide, can hold a jar with host-plant branches. The wings of a new butterfly are not risk of breaking when trying to stir up. A pop up habitat is a perfect environment for caterpillars to grow and develop apart from being the perfect setup for adult breeding.

This airy mesh enclosure is soft and breathable, so you know your caterpillars will be safe and comfortable for the duration of their stay. The window on one side makes it easy to watch the caterpillars eat and grow, or the adults flying. Plenty of room to keep plants inside so caterpillars have food.

Large zipper side opening allows easy cleanup and replenishment of leaves without disturbing the chrysalis.