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Here you will find dry and mounted insects for sale. Every specimen is provided with collection/breeding data. (locality, data, species). Specimens are stored in a dry and dark place.

This section is still a stub! Contact US for additional informations! 


Dried and papered Lepidoptera specimen for sale

Dried specimens are safely stored in specialized paper envelopes. 


 Hyalophora cecropia, female (captive brood). 1F available/ 3€

 Rotschildia lebeau inca, female (Costa Rica). 4F available / 3,5€ each

Acherontia styx male, dry specimen for sale Acheronthia styx, male (Sri Racha & Bang Sean, Thailand). 3M available / 4€ each

Attacus lorquini male, dry Lepidoptera for sale Attacus lorquini, male (Marinduque province, Philippines). 2M available / 3€ each . Possibility to pre-order larger stocks.




Mounted Lepidoptera for sale

All specimen in this section are pinned and mounted, the frame showed in pictures is used for storage and is not included. Specimen can be purchased individually, pic of the desidered specimen can be requested to check the quality.

Mixed Lepidoptera, Saturniidae for sale 1: Samia ricini (captive brood) / 2€ each ; 2: Actias selene (F1 from Thailand) / 6€ each ; 3: Antheraea jana (Java, Indonesia) / 4€ each ; 4: Antheraea pernyi (captive brood) / 2,5€ each ; 5: Antheraea polyphemus (captive brood) / 3€ each


Framed Lepidoptera for sale

All specimen are framed in high quality wood boxes, Camphor plug is provided on request! You can request to frame specimens present in both "Dried" and "Mounted". A wide range of frames can be adapted to your necessities.

Antheraea jana display, dry lepidoptera for sale Antheraea jana, Yogyakarta (Indonesia). Display of 5 male forms + 1 female (top, centre) + cocoon. 50€

Papilio machaon gorganus, dry lepidoptera for sale Papilio machaon gorganus, Pavia province (Italy). 15€

Bunaea alcinoe male, dry Saturniidae for sale Bunaea alcinoe, male, Obout village (Cameroon). 18€