Some selected photos of our current and past broods!

Attacus lorquinii caterpillar eggs pupae for sale Attacus lorquinii caterpillar on Ligustrum ovalifolium, L6

Attacus atlas eggs caterpillar pupae for sale time to breed timetobreed Attacus atlas L6 caterpillar, winter breeding on L. ovalifolium

Sphinx ligustri egg insect for sale moth butterfly Sphinx ligustri embryo developing inside the eggshell

Hyalophora cecropia caterpillar for sale insects Hyalophora cecropia caterpillar on Prunus avium

Rothschildia lebeau inca female eggs cocoons for sale Rothschildia lebeau inca female, cocoons from Costa Rica 

Attacus lorquini Attacus lorquini male, strain from Marinduque province in Philippines

Samia cynthia S. cynthia females, 3 beautiful specimen from cocoons collected in north Italy. 

Daphnis nerii Daphnis nerii pupae

Langia zenzeroides Langia zenzeroides L5 caterpillar on Prunus sp.

Papilio machaon Papilio machaon spp. gorganus on Foeniculum vulgare (North Italy)

Acherontia atropos Acherontia atropos, detail of the head.

Actias selene Actias selene male, F2 from Thailand

Antheraea jana Antheraea jana female, cocoons from Java, Indonesia

Antheraea jana  Antheraea jana (cocoons from Java), six colour variants 5 males and 1 Female (top, centre)

Antheraea yamamay Antheraea yamamay, huge L5 caterpillar on Carpinus betulus

Antheraea pernyi "Looking at each other" Antheraea pernyi on Carpinus betulus

Saturnia pavoniella Saturnia pavoniella caterpillars on Prunus nigra

Pachysphinx occidentalis Urban breeding: Pachysphinx occidentalis on Populus nigra

Laothoe populi Harmony of colours with two Laothoe populi females

Attacus atlas Attacus atlas on Ligustrum ovalifolium



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