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Mailing List

TTB mailing list has been created! If you want to be updated on new livestock arrivals (via e-mail) please send us an e-mail through the Contact Us form. Please write the e-mail address where you want to be contacted. No spam! Guaranteed! 



Shipping prices

Ordinary Shipping
  Europe Rest of the world
Eggs € 2.00 € 3.00
Other stock <500g € 8 € 10
Other stock >500g Starts from € 10.00 Starts from € 12.00

Possibility to ask for registered letter or parcel, or priority shipping. contact us for more details

*With ordinary ships, the customer accepts the risk of product depletion, delays or losts during the delivery. Ordinary postal service has worked properly for thousands of parcels but, sometimes, post could be slow, especially in holiday periods. We always try to refound damaged customers but we are not responsible for any kind of problem linked to shipping conditions. To avoid postal problems we always ship standardized and safe parcels and TTB scored a percentage close to 100% of parcel arrived safe during past years (EU and major extra EU countries). If your country has an automatized postal service please let us know. Yes we ship to USA!


Shipping conditions:

Parcels are prepared following quality standards to protect stock health. TTB parcels are composed of recycled materials. TTB is commited to reduce wastes and to optimize the ratio beetween safety of material and use of resources.

Eggs are shipped into 1,5ml or 0,5ml microcentrifuge tubes to protect their integrity. Tubes are placed into small hemp derived envelopes, protected with an additional air bubble layer.

saturniidae sphingidae eggs

Cocoons are shipped into recycled carton boxes. Depending on the strength of the material, different layers of protection will be added.
Is possible to ask for styro-boxes in case of freezing temperatures.


In case of problems:

In case of problems of any kind with TTB's material or service, just Contact Us and we will find the best solution.



TTB accepts the following cryptocurrencies as an alternative to EUR (Fiat currencies): BTC, ETH, LTC, XMR. Conversion from EUR will be calculated according to the current CMC change.