Cricula trifenestrata and Samia ricini eggs available again. For Cricula trifenestrata this might be the last eggs offer untill next spring, don't lose the chance of breeding this small nice Javanese Saturniidae.


Bunaea aslauga pupae for sale Lepidoptera moths




Bunaea aslauga pupae available, the Madagascar emperor moth. It has a wingspan of 100-150 mm. This species pupates underground and its diapause is linked to the dry season. Warm temperatures and humidity are recommended to let them emerge. Not an easy species to breed, rarely seen as livestock. Definitely a good one for expert breeders which want to embrace new challenges. Hedera helix is very likely going to be accepted by caterpillars.






Antheraea jana eggs are now available. Gorgeous moths, showing incredible color variation as adults. Not so easy to rear and breed, this species is rarely offered as eggs. These eggs came from wild parents from Bantul, Yogyakarta, Java Island, Indonesia, spontaneously paired in EU


Rearing and Breeding cage for butterflies and moths




New product on the TTB market: Butterfly Habitat Cage Perfect for Raising Butterflies and Moths. Collapsible design for easy storage and reusable, the unfolded measures: 40 x 40 x 60 cm. Tall and wide, can hold a jar with host-plant branches. The wings of a new butterfly are not risk of breaking when trying to stir up. Although it is generally used for adult breeding, a pop up habitat is also a perfect environment for caterpillars to grow and develop. More details here Rearing cages for sale








Chinese moon moth cocoons available, Actias ningpoana. The taxon ningpoana Felder had been regarded as a subspecies of Actias selene until recently and was included as a good species in Ylla et at. (2005). Animals were reared on Liquidambar and cocoons will overwinter if stored at low temperatures. Keeping them at room temperature, another generation might be possible to obtain.


Acherontia atropos pupae for sale 




Death's-head hawkmoth pupae available for sale! These stuning pupae have been reared ex-ovo, from a wild female collected by our partner Alessandro during a field trip in Lombardia, north Italy. Acherontia atropos larvae are usually found on Solanaceae but they accept a wide variety of host-plants. Limited quantity. This species has a migratory behavior and reaches higher latitudes during the hot season. If kept at room temperature continuous generation is achieved.






Don't miss the 52 edition of one of the biggest entomological fairs in europe: Entomodena, Modena (IT) on 21-22 Septmeber 2019. TimeToBreed will partecipate to offer many interesting species and breeding equipment! If you want to meet our team there, to share ideas or just to chat talk, let us know! Here you can find the link to the Entomodena offical page


Argema mittrei cocoons for sale





Finally, for the first time, we are able to offer cocoons of the stunning Madagascar comet moth. Argema mittrei cocoons have just arrived and are ready to be shipped out worldwide. Huge specimens ranging from 15 to 22 grams, high quality.






Diurnal butterfliy eggs for sale





Melitaea didyma - Melitaea nevadensis - Maniola jurtina. Starting from today we offer eggs from different Italian diurnal butterflies, obtained from adults collected during a field trip by our partner Alessandro (north Italy, MB province). Only freshly laid eggs will be sended out to minimize risk of hatching during travel. They will be shipped with priority postage. This add with full details and prices is only available for people which is subscribed to our mailing-list. Use the Contact Us form to let us now that you wish to subscribe TTB mailing-list.






A perfect species for beginners is available again: Samia ricini. This species is bred in many silk-farms around the world for the high quality of its white silk. Although the extreme simplicity in rearing it has become difficult to find in nowadays markets. We offer eggs from a captive line at a low price! This species can be reared all year round.


Papilio machaon eggs for sale 




Back in July 2019, during a field trip in Pavia province (north Italy), we found a batch of wild Papilio machaon spp. gorganus caterpillar. Caterpillars were found on Poeniculum vulgare, their favourite host-plant. The picture on the left shows a couple of animals in the wild before collections. We bred them successfully and now we are able to offer eggs obtained from that wild strain. 






A perfect species for beginners will be available very soon: Samia ricini. Although very largely bred, nowadays this species has become difficult to obtain.


We offer Acherontia atropos eggs, laid by a female wild collected in north Italy, Milano area, during a field trip.
We will have scarce availabilities, please order as soon as possible. Given the high summer temperatures EU clients assume the risk of eggs hatching in travel, we will ship only eggs laid the night before. Unfortunately this product is not available for Extra-EU clients.


More Attacus atlas atlas eggs are available. Wild othes from Java, Indonesia are pairing like crazy in medium cages 40x40x60 cm, we offer a summer discount (10€ / 30 eggs). Contact us to order them! TTB is waiting for new species from Madagascar, we are pending to receive two fantastic moths from the biggest African island: Agrema mittrei and Ceranchia apollina, we will keep you updated on how this goes, hope to offer those species soon!


First Suturniidae from China is now available! Actias ningpoana eggs ready to be shipped out. Larvae can be reared on various hostplants. Stunning moths suggested for new-breeders! Easy to mate.


Cricula trifenestrata live moths butterflies insect for sale




Available from today Cricula trifenestrata eggs! Very nice small Saturniidae, whose silk is peculiar for the golden color. Very funny to breed.







TimeToBreed is getting bigger and we are going to announce very soon a new list of available species, including never offered butterflies and moths. Keep updated by joining our mailing list service, no spam, guaranteed! You just need to write us through the form contact us and specify the email you want to left us!


A new batch of Saturniidae from Java has just arrived, freshly made cocoons of Attacus atlas, Antheraea jana and Cricula trifenestrata are always available 


The second generation of year 2019 has arrived! Eggs of Samia cynthia, from wild collected cocoons, are now available. Samia cynthia is a beautiful Saturniidae originary from south east Asia. It was imported in Italy for silk production and accidentally released in the wild. After that, a Samia cynthia population has established in the "Pianura Padana" and we are happy to offer eggs coming from the second generation of 2019, coming from cocoons that we have personally collected on Ailanthus altissima bushes. Amazing moths! Contact Us to place your order.


Antheraea jana eggs available! Rarely offered as eggs. It has been difficult to obtain the first copula for this species, but at the end we did it! Adults paired outdoors with about 24°C during the night, we hope to get more pairings soon. Eggs are ready to be shipped out, don't miss them! Contact Us to place your order. Write us also if you need tips to pair your moths!


Attacus atlas for sale, live insects lepidoptera





Attacus atlas atlas eggs available. The season is warming up and finally the first Attacus atlas atlas adults from Java are emerging, those are stunning moths, large wingspan and bright colors. Here you can see one female hatched few days ago. Cocoons are still available if you want to pair them yourself. Contact Us to place your order. 






Cricula trifenestrata live moths butterflies for sale






Cricula trifenestrata cocoons are now available! Cocoons are composed of a typical golden silk. The wingspan of adults is 65–100 mm. This species is very easy to breed and recommended for beginners. Please contact us fo any additional information!







We are happy to inform that, after a couple of years of absence from the market, we are going to receive very soon Cricula trifenestrata cocoons straight from Java, Indonesia. PRE-ORDERS are now possible through the Contact Us menù. The trifenestrata part of the name refers to the three transparent frames in the front wings.This species is very easy to breed and recommended for beginners.


Attacus lorquinii(M) x Attacus atlas(F) Lepidoptera eggs for sale




Tonight a rare event took place! Using the hand-pairing technique, a hybrid cross has been perfomed: Attacus lorquinii (Male-Right) x Attacus atlas (Female-Left). This hybrid cross has been already obtained by other amateur breeders and results in viable but sterile offspring. Check the hybrid index in our USEFUL WEBSITES menù. Adults show features of both species and we are very curious about the larval forms. Eggs are ready to be shipped out, worldwide!






For the first time in 2019 a classic species is available again! The beautiful Attacus lorquini, strain from Philippines. Eggs are available and ready to be shipped out world wide.


Another beautiful north american Saturniidae available: Hylophora cecropia Limited amount of eggs available, please order soon. These eggs are obtained from a healthy captive brood raised by TimeToBreed in 2018 on Prunus avium. 


Visit the new TimeToBreed website section: Dead Stock 

In this section you will find only dead material that is produced from our broods or is collected in the wild. The section is still a stub! We are looking forward to provide a customized framing service! We also provide large quantities of dead-stock upon pre-order. Check it out!


After 3 years out of the market, TTB is offering Antheraea jana cocoons, wild collected in Yogyakarta province, Java, Indonesia. Beautiful species presenting an amazing array of adult forms, that differ consistently in color and color pattern. Easy to breed on classic Antheraea host plants as Quercus, Carpinus, Malus ecc. Few available for this first round!

Antheraea jana cocoons for sale


Attacus atlas atlas cocoons are available again! Very healty stock obtained from Bantoel, Yogyakarta province, Java, Indonesia. Ready to ship immediately!

On Java Island Attacus atlas atlas cocoons are very common at fruit trees like guava, citrus, and in tea plantations.
The larvae of atlas from Sumatra and Malaysia are quite different from those from Java and Bali which might indicates that the populations belong to two distinct taxa (species or subspecies). Therefore atlas atlas is the better (correct) name for the populations from Java and Bali.

Attacus atlas atlas


Samia cynthia eggs now available! Huge adults collected in PV province (North Italy). This is the best S. cynthia stock available on-line in the last years.


Across Europe the season is warming up and finally many host plants are available again! TTB is offering Antheraea polyphemus eggs (form cocoons wild-collected in Charlotte, NC, USA). Check HERE for more details 


Attacus atlas is on the way again! Another batch of wild collected cocoons is coming from Yogyakarta province, Java, Indonesia.



TTB apologizes to everybody for the miss-service of TTB mail. The server has been shut down for a couple of months. Starting from today the adress This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is 100% working. TTB is now answering to all the e-mails received within the last period. For any question or order, you can directly write to the adress This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use our form contact US


Wild collected Saturniidae eggs available soon!

The season is starting and we are warming up two wild collected batches of Saturniidae: Samia cynthia (north Italy, Pavia province) and Antheraea polyphemus (Charlotte, NC, USA). Cocoons are large size and healty, genetics is wild-type. Eggs will be available in some weeks, contact us for any question!

Here is a pic of some selected cocoons: S. cynthia is left, A. polyphemus right

Samia cynthia (left) and Antheraea polyphemus cocoons


A new batch of Samia cynthia cocoons has been collected in north Italy, Lombardia region. This species is expected to hatch in may. Upon warming emergence can be sped up. Contact Us for more informations and to order the material.


Attacus atlas cocoons available! We hope to receive this species continuously throughout spring. New batch coming by the end of March/beginning of April. Hopefully it will contain also Antheraea jana cocoons.


Attacus atlas cocoons coming soon from Java, Indonesia. More info in few days!


Another batch of Attacus lorquinii eggs available, strain from Marinduque province, Philippines. This is probably the last time this species will be offered this year, few available.


Hybrid pairing tonight! (M) Attacus lorquini x (F) Attacus atlas. Animals were handpaired and copula lasted about 24h. Good chances of fertility, please order immediately if you are interested.


More Attacus atlas eggs available, strain from Sumatra Indonesia


Attacus atlas eggs for sale lepidoptera moth butterfly breeding timetobreed





After a long summer "diapause" TTB is back with new species available: Attacus atlas eggs available starting from today. Contact Us for more informations.








Sphinx ligustri eggs pupae for sale insect livestock





Sphinx ligustri eggs are now available. Adults pair easily in medium cages, they do great outdoor. Because of their fast hatching time, problems liked to postal delays will not be refounded. ONLY eggs layed max 24h before shipping will be sended out.







Sphinx ligustri eggs pupae for sale insect livestock



First Sphinx ligustri of 2018 hatched today, it's a female! This pupae are the result of crosses beetween wild parents from Sachsen, Germany and Graz, Austria. More adults are expected to emerge soon, they will be breeded outdoor. Eggs of this species hatch fast, pre-order is recomended. Contact Us for Sphinx ligustri eggs pre-order





Rothschildia lebeau eggs are now available, adults has been identified as R. lebeau inca sub-species. 


First pairing of the year for Samia cynthia! A beautifull wild population (north Italy) offered every year by TTB! Unfortunately in 2017 and 2018, as previously reported, north italian population severely dropped, probably caused by a series of deleterious events at the beginning of 2017. For this reason TTB suspended the offer for S. cynthia cocoons in the past months, although a very scarce number was kept to obtain eggs. Those eggs will be placed in the spot were wild caterpillars used to be found and a little part will be sold on the website, starting from the next days! GPS coordinates on request. Contact Us


Rothschildia lebeau male



Happy 1 may from TTB! First Rotschildia adult emerged this night, surprisingly this specimen has be recognised as Rothschildia lebeau instead of Rothschildia triloba or Rothschildia orizaba as stated by providers in Costa Rica. These mistakes are common within this genus due to high similarity beetween caterpillars of the numerous Rothschildia species.





Rothschildia triloba Cocoons


Rothschildia cocoons from Costa Rica finally arrived, according to supplier's message they are R. triloba instead of R. orizaba as previously reported. Material looks high quality and close to emergence, eggs will be avaiable soon! New updates on the identification of the species will be posted as soon as adult will emerge. Preorder is now possible, Contact Us

This page provides a very nice description ACG Rothschildia triloba




Nowadays being updated on technology means knowing what the blockchain is. TTB is proud to announce that is now able to accept payments in different cryptocurrencies (BTC, LTC, XMR, ETH) being the first Lepidoptera website offering this service. 


This beginning of year 2018 has been very cold throughout all Europe, delaying the emergence of many species. Althought it has been a cold winter this is the beginning and TTB is preparing for the good season! Apart from the species currently offered (Samia ricini, Samia cynthia and Attacus lorquini) many others are expected to be available soon: Attacus atlas, Cricula trifenestrata and Antheraea frithi from Indonesia; Rothschildia orizaba from Costa Rica. Some Sphingidae will also be available: Sphinx ligustri and luckily the beautifull Pachysphinx modesta (Quebec, Canada).


Attacus lorquini eggs are available again, strain from Marinduque province, Philippine. Still possible to order cocoons.


"Cooming Soon" section finally fixed! Species that TTB is going to receive in the next period will be published in this section.


More Attacus lorquini eggs will be available in the next days, is now possible to order cocoons of this species. A new menù item has been added to the TTB website, check the Gallery: in this section photos from previous and current TTB broods will be posted, this is the place for few very special pictures out of the thousands in collected in these years.


Mobile rendering bug has been fixed, now TTB livestock announces are easily visualized from mobile phones. 


TTB has a new menù : Useful Websites

This menù presents a list (i will keep adding elements) of websites that provide very useful informations for breeders. Check it! If you have an interesting website on this topic or you know other useful pages, feel free to Contact Us, and TTB will add it! 


Attacus lorquini eggs




Attacus lorquini eggs available! Now is Time To Confirm your interest if you want to breed this wonderfull SaturniidaeAttacus lorquini is only present, as a wild population, in the Philippine. This stock came from Marinduque province, Philippine





Attacus lorquini is coming soon, eggs, possibly later cocoons too, will be available soon! Contact Us if you are interested in some of them, as with any species, eggs will be shipped in max 2-3 days after egg laying. Preorder is free 


Due to problems linked to livestock supply, TTB will not be able to provide any other Cameroon species for the next period. Sincere apologize! 3 spacies have been removed from our current availability.


New year begins with a special offer on Saturniidae from Obout village, Cameroon: Imbrasia truncata, Pseudoantheraea discrepans. Also another curious moth will be available: Anaphe panda, which is a moth of the Notodontidae family. It was descrived by Boisduval in 1847. A first order has been done at the end of 2017, now we are collecting pre-orders for another 2018 delivery from Cameroon. Special prices for preorders, look at our MainPage.


Like every year, in this period is time to collect wild S. cynthia cocoons from north Italy. This year, probably due to a very stormy spring, population across north Italy has drastically dropped. For this reason i decided not to collect the few specimens i was able to find. Probably we will be able to supply some specimens at the end of spring, if the firsts generations of this year are able to spread!

End of 2017

TTB mailing list has been implemented! If you want to be updated on new livestock arrivals, via e-mail, please Contact Us and let us know the adress where you want to be contacted. No spam! guaranteed!



Starting new year, 2018: after a period of inactivity on these page, due to technical problem in the service, TTB is back and active for the year 2018 and available for any question or request! Cooming soon section still bugged, TTB is working to fix it! Happy breeding everyone!




Since today eggs of an amazing, although common species from Perù, is available. Peruphasma shultei is a perfect species for new breeder. Interesting discounts for high quantities


TTB will take a break till the end of summer, the species published in the homepage will remain available, a basal supply will be provided. Remember that "Contact Us" is always active and we can discuss for special requests. 


African wild cocoons collected from Kakamega forest in Kenya can be ordered from today. The following species are available:

Bunea alcinoe, Argema mimosae, Gynanisia maja, Epiphora mythimnia


Samia cynthia wild cocoons catch goes on: always available overwinting wild cocoons (amazing size and weight)


The end of the year brings us the first non-Lepidoptera species of the last months : some fresh eggs of Trichaeradon brueckneri


African Saturnidae cocoons are sold-out. We can still provide them on request. 40pcs will be the minimum order of the following species : Epiphora mythimnia, Bunea alcinoe, Argema mimosae, Gynanisa majaContact Us for info and prices


Finally we got our first Actias selene pairing this night. This strain from Thailand has manteined his beautiful colours and its caracteristic large wingspan.


Actias selene is coming soon! 

After a long absence from our page, beautifull Actias selene from Thailand are ready to emerge. TTB hopes to have eggs very soon (preorder is possible)


New stock from Java is arrived. Fresh Antheraea jana eggs are available from several pairings obtained this night. Cocoons of this species can be ordered in big quantity at low prices: contatc us for more info.

We were not able to find literature concerning the captive breeding of this species but we are having good results with Quercus and Carpinus. Very likely Liquidambar Eucaliptus and other classical Antheraea foodplants should be accepted.


Available from today fresh spinned S. ricini cocoons, a perfect and nice species for beginners


Today we had a good catch : Samia cynthia cocoons found on Ailanthus altissima in north Italy region, Contact Us for more details.

S. cynthia is native of south east Asia but it is world-wide spread toghether with one of its main foodplants (A. altissima). Wikipedia gives a nice description of this species Wiki link 


Saturnidae from Kenja now available:

-Gynanisa maja (Wingspan 105-115 mm. Adults are on flight from december to february in their native countries but is possible to simulate the wet season to let them emerge) 

-Epiphora mythimnia (Westwood, 1849) To get more info and photos --> African moths


Attacus atlas price discount! Check the front livestock section. Fresh cocoons and eggs from East Java always available.


Today the first Actias selene pairing occurred. Eggs will be sent starting from tomorrow


Actias selene pupae (strain from Thailand) are emerging, eggs will be available soon. This strain from Thailand has brighter colours: males have intense pink tails.

For informations about the geografical distribution BoldSystem

Different foodplant accepted, TTB succesfully brood them on Liquidambar and Prunus laurocerasus but many others suitable. 

Check here the best foodplant for you Hostplant database


Stunning female of Antheraea jana emerged today, we hope to have eggs as soon as possible


A new stock from Java is arrived, including the famous Attacus atlas and Antheraea jana. 

A. jana classification


P. machaon is cooming soon

Yesterday we collected good number of wild specimen of Papilio machaon in Pavia province, north Italy. Caterpillars and pupae were found on Poeniculum vulgare. Now we are trying to identify the sub-specie

For info about Papilio machaon


Mimas tiliae pupae now available